Solar Kitchen

The Solar Kitchen was designed as a major collective kitchen for the Auroville community and was opened in December 1997.  Its name is derived from the large solar bowl on its roof which provides some of the steam needed for the cooking on all sunny days of the year.  The rest of the steam needed comes from a diesel fired boiler.


The Solar Kitchen is a very popular lunchtime eatery in Auroville. Every day the Solar Kitchen prepares simple vegetarian food for over 1000 lunches. Much of the food served in the Solar Kitchen consists of grains and vegetables grown organically in and around Auroville.  There is a choice between western items like mashed potatoes, pasta and fresh salads and local food like idlie/ dosai, dhal or chutneys.  Daily curd and freshly made juices are also available.

Guests who would like to eat at the Solar Kitchen are asked to book in advance by phoning (0413) 262 2197 after 10.00am.  If you turn up without a booking, you have to wait until 1.00 pm. After that un-booked diners are welcome.   Opening hours are: 12:15 – 1:15pm for lunch every day.


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