Drumstick tokku from Sumathi

Description / Method: 

A ‘tokku’ is a thick mixture which could be thick enough to put on bread or it can be eaten with chappatis and rice.  This recipe uses tomatoes which are not available locally in the hot season when drumstick is available.  You can instead use either tamarind or lime juice. The amounts used gives you enough for five people.

  1. Wash the drumstick and cut into one inch pieces
  2. Heat the pan and then pour in the oil followed by the curry leaf, mustard, cumin seed, chillie and turmeric powder.
  3. Add the sliced onion and stir continuously until the onion is golden brown. 
  4. Put in the drumstick pieces, tomatoes and tomato paste.
  5. Pour in 150 – 200 ml of water and boil.  When the sauce thickens and the drumstick pieces are soft remove from the heat and add salt to your taste.

10 drumstick

½ teaspoon mustard seed

2teaspoon oil

curry leaf

chillie powder

4 onions

6 large tomatoes

tumeric powder

cumin seed

tomato paste

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